With The Training Team – A Year and Counting…

It was exactly a year ago, June 13, 2011, when I officially became part of the Training Team. Ever since I joined Link2Support it has always been a dream to be a trainer, and dreams do come true if you have the guts to get it. I thank my previous team, supervisors and manager for supporting my dream and still at this point I am very happy to be still working with you – keep up the excellent work. I know you can all do it.
I am very happy to be part of a team which guides you in developing your skills and honing you with your other capabilities. There’s a lot of room for everything. A year it has been and I am still learning a lot. I thank all my mentors and colleagues for giving tips for me to become a good and better trainer.

To my trainees from all my new hire classes’ #Amarillo #Baytown #CorpusChristi #ElPaso and co-employees. I’m sure you have created a Vic’s Quotable Quotes List – “I’m back!”, “Set your best foot forward!” and “Let’s raise the bar higher!” I am hoping that you’ve learned a lot from me, same as learning a lot of new things from you guys. Let’s keep in touch.
I am happy to be part of a dynamic, strong and determined team – a year and counting. Thank you Lord for showering a lot of blessings!

Never Stop Learning

Happy Training Anniversary to Me! Wohoo!

Relax and Chill!

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